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Buy great suitcases at the Rimowa Outlet and Rimowa Sale at a lower price

They are unmistakable and have been on the baggage conveyor belts of airports around the world for decades. Rimowa's unique aluminium suitcases are indispensable for every serious traveller. But the design of the newer Rimowa polycarbonate suitcases has also adopted the unique grooves of the aluminium suitcases. A trademark, thanks to which you can recognize every real Rimowa suitcase. Treat yourself to a real Rimowa suitcase from the Rimowa Outlet or from a Rimowa Sale! These German quality suitcases are not cheap, after all you have to pay for the quality of workmanship, the best material and know-how. Nevertheless you can get some cases from Rimowa cheaper in the Rimowa Sale or in the Rimowa Outlet. Especially if a line of cases is discontinued and replaced by a new collection, you can find interesting Rimowa special offers. Now you have to take the chance to get a suitcase from Rimowa at a reduced price, it pays off in any case. You can be sure that you will be happy for a very long time with your robust Rimowa suitcase from the Rimowa Outlet or Rimowa Sale.
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Buy Rimowa cheaper, opportunities are always there

With a little effort you can always get a suitcase from Rimowa cheaper. So you can find your dream suitcase in the Rimowa Sale or at a Rimowa Sale. There are also great bargains to discover at the Rimowa Outlet. You don't have to bother yourself with the fact that the suitcases might not be in the current range. The functionality and the wide range of uses of the cases does not suffer from the fact that you bought them at the Rimowa Sale. After all, every Rimowa suitcase is always the best solution for a traveller.

Rimowa in summer and winter sales available as top offers

At the turn of the season there is regularly a Rimowa SSV and a Rimowa WSV. This Rimowa Sale at the end of summer and winter is especially interesting for bargain hunters. Due to one or the other model change you can expect an especially high Rimowa discount. This is the right time to complete your luggage. No matter if you find your desired suitcase in a Rimowa outlet or at the Rimowa Sale, at the Rimowa SSV or at the Rimowa WSV, thanks to their great and unique design, everyone can see that you are using top-quality travel luggage from Rimowa. Your travels will be much easier with these well-designed suitcases, your travel accessories are always well protected in these suitcases.
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Rimowa discounts can be easily obtained by everyone

Take the opportunity to get your suitcase cheaper from Rimowa thanks to a Rimowa discount. The best and well-thought-out quality for the price of a cheap suitcase, such Rimowa offers are not to be missed. Even if you buy your suitcase from Rimowa at a lower price, you will get a product that is characterized by its practicality, high quality and thus also by its long life and use. Your luggage, purchased cheaply at Rimowa Clearance, will faithfully accompany you for many years on your travels and holidays.

The tip: Rimowa sale

Every Rimowa suitcase is among the best luggage available at the market. Even if you find a greatly reduced item in the Rimowa Outlet, in the Rimowa Sale or in the Rimowa Sale, you can still buy it. No compromises are made on quality. You can always expect the best materials, high quality workmanship and a piece of luggage that incorporates the decades of experience of the Rimowa company.

Why expensive, when there are cheap Rimowa offers

Basically, only an expert in the field can tell from which season a Rimowa suitcase comes. Therefore, you will not attract negative attention with your suitcase purchased at the Rimowa Sale or Rimowa Outlet. On the contrary, even a piece found in the Rimowa Sale or Rimowa Clearance will attract attention. Rimowa special offers also have all the features that distinguish these classic suitcases. Timeless and designed for the highest demands, such a case can easily cope with countless journeys. Don't think twice and take advantage of the opportunity to sell Rimowa cases!

Special features of the Rimowa brand

What applies to every suitcase from Rimowa also applies to the luggage from the Rimowa Sale and the Rimowa Outlet. These suitcases are always unique. A touch of luxury and the proverbial reliability even on long journeys, where every piece of luggage is subject to extreme stress, is also a matter of course with a suitcase from Rimowa that is bought at a reduced price. Valuable items such as photographic equipment are always safely stored in the robust aluminium cases as well as in the durable pole carbonate cases. The Waterproof System, introduced in 1970, keeps out water and humidity as well as tropical heat and arctic cold. Patented and ball bearing mounted, the wheels of the suitcase are thanks to the Multiwheel System, which allows easy movement of a Rimowa suitcase. The groundbreaking TSA locks make it easy to open the case during security checks. Different lines of suitcases such as Salsa Deluxe, Topas Titanium or Bossa Nova offer the right case for every taste.

Rimowa cases are always the right choice

Whether for women or for men, a Rimowa suitcase from a Rimowa Sale is suitable for every journey. Whether it's just a day away or a trip around the world, Rimowa cases are timeless and unique in design. Whether woman or man, regardless of gender, the Rimowa customer chooses his or her dream suitcase. Thanks to the different lines of suitcases, which also attract attention with unusual colour schemes, you will also find a suitcase in the Rimowa Sale and in the Rimowa Outlet that fully meets your expectations and the purpose for which it is intended.

Rimowa cases, history of the Rimowa brand

In 1898 Rimowa was founded by Paul Morszeck in Cologne. The real success came in 1937 with the characteristic cases made of aluminium, where the trademark of the company was the groove design, which is still used today and originally served as a stabilising element. From the beginning of 2000 Rimowa cases were also made of polycarbonate. Here, too, the striking groove design was adopted. Today, aluminium and plastic are each used in the production process to about 50 percent. Every day a good 5000 cases are produced in Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada and Brazil. At the beginning of 2017, Rimowa was taken over by the French luxury goods group LVMH. Despite the brand's positioning in the luxury segment, there are many opportunities to buy a suitcase from Rimowa at a lower price. You can regularly find Rimowa offers in the Rimowa Sale or in the Rimowa Outlet.

Rimowa also at salewunder.com

If you prefer to look for your dream suitcase on the Internet instead of in the Rimowa Outlet or at a Rimowa Sale, you can also find many Rimowa offers at salewunder.com. Very recommendable is also the Rimowa SSV or the Rimowa WSV, which also takes place on this online platform. You only have to go online in time to get your suitcase from Rimowa even cheaper. In the beginning the offer is still huge, but at this time many customers buy their suitcase from Rimowa cheaper and take advantage of the Rimowa discount. Fast action is the order of the day here!