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Samsonite is a brand renominated for Trolleys, Taschen & Reisetaschen. mirapodo, Taschenkaufhaus & Amazon.de currently offer Samsonite with reductions. Save up to 58 percent on more than 302 Samsonite brand items on sale with our partners. Salewunder scans for you all outlets that offer Samsonite and shows you how to get the best prices.

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Outlets of the brand Samsonite

Samsonite is probably one of the best known brands when it comes to high-quality luggage and suitcases of all kinds. If you want to buy hard-sided suitcases, rucksacks & co. of the well-known brand at a particularly favourable price, a visit to Samsonite Outlet is worthwhile. For this purpose you can visit the Samsonite Outlet Wertheim Village. Only 50 minutes away from Frankfurt, more than 110 stores with products from world leading designers await you here. One of the brands presented here is Samsonite. Or you can visit the Samsonite Outlet in Metzingen. Also in this Samsonite Outlet you can save money by buying your new favourite suitcase.
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Samsonite Sale in the Online Shop

The way to the next Samsonite Outlet is too far for you? But you don't have to do without great bargain offers. The Samsonite Sale awaits you in the official online shop of the brand. Under "Offers" you will find all currently reduced articles. Selected products are significantly reduced in price. On most of the luggage items you get a full 20 percent discount at the Samsonite Sale. Quality sometimes has its price, after all, your luggage should be able to withstand all the stresses and strains of your journey. So it's nice when you can get one or two bargains at the Samsonite Sale. A branded suitcase from the Samsonite Sale is an investment in quality that you will enjoy for a long time. Whether for a weekend trip or a journey lasting several weeks, the offers in the Samsonite Sale will convince all those who do not want to compromise on their luggage.

Samsonite Metzingen

More than 270 premium brands await you in the Outletcity Metzingen, one of which is Samsonite. The prices in the Samsonite Outlet are significantly lower than the regular retail price. So you can save up to 70 percent on branded goods in Outletcity Metzingen. The Outletcity Metzingen also runs its own online shop. There you will also find attractive discount offers at Samsonite Outlet. It's hard to say no to the bargains at Samsonite Outlet Metzingen, so the offers sell out quickly. So if you have found your favourite suitcase or the bag you have been looking for for a long time at Samsonite Outlet Metzingen, you should strike quickly and benefit from the reduced prices.
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Samsonite suitcase

In the travel suitcase section of the Samsonite online shop you will find exactly the right suitcase that suits you. Besides a selection of hand luggage Samsonite also offers suitcases in different sizes. To help you choose between medium, large and extra large suitcases, you will always find various tips on which trips the different types of suitcases are recommended for. So you can quickly find out which size of suitcase is recommended for a one or several week trip or which size is especially practical for train and bus trips. You can also read up on the hand baggage rules of various airlines, which will also help you with your choice of suitcase. In addition to the travel suitcase, YOU can also order clothes bags, cosmetics cases or even children's luggage from Samsonite and you will be perfectly equipped for your next holiday.

Samsonite Trolley

Hardly anyone today still carries heavy suitcases through the airport or drags them behind them on the platform. A trolley is a particularly comfortable way to travel, so the luggage with the practical wheels should not be missing from the Samsonite range. Trolleys are easy to handle and are available in different sizes. Smaller models are often used for short business trips, but a larger trolley also offers enough space for the luggage for the next family holiday. Simply pull or push your trolley, and the manoeuvrable luggage will follow you everywhere without any effort. Samsonite has several Hindert trolleys on offer, both as hard and soft luggage. Many of the trolley models can also be personalised. A nice gift for every globetrotter. And of course you will always find particularly attractive offers for trolleys at the Samsonite Sale. Such a trolley case is in any case a worthwhile investment for all those who like to travel a lot.

Samsonite backpack

A backpack from Samsonite will quickly become your indispensable practical companion - not only on holiday, but also in everyday life. If you like to keep your hands free on the road, a Samsonite backpack is the right choice. Whether on the way to work, to sports, in your leisure time or on a trip, instead of a suitcase or a bag, a backpack makes it especially easy for you. It offers enough space for all the small utensils that you would like to have with you. The models are each equipped with various well thought-out details. You will find backpacks with practical handles and a clearly arranged compartment division as well as models with ergonomic straps and a back-friendly design. You can't decide between trolley and backpack? Samsonite offers the right solution for this too. Then you can choose a backpack with integrated wheels and an extendable telescopic handle. With this backpack, you can choose whether you want to carry it on your back or pull it comfortably as a trolley. Also check out the Samsonite Sale to see which reduced backpacks are currently available!

Samsonite Spinner

A Samsonite Spinner is the perfect companion for your next trip. You can choose between a hard-shell version and a soft luggage. Samsonite Spinners from the official online shop can usually be personalized. Samsonite Spinners are also available in many beautiful colors, and for children there are also Spinner models with well-known figures as designs, such as Barbie and Minnie Mouse. And of course the Spinners come with the practical wheels that make the luggage so handy and comfortable to use. Maybe the Samsonite Spinner, which you've had your eye on for quite some time, is available at a reduced price at the moment?

Samsonite hard shell case

If you are looking for luggage, the question naturally arises whether it should be soft luggage or a hard-sided suitcase. Both types of luggage offer you their advantages. Especially for longer journeys, however, hard-shell suitcases are especially recommended. Your luggage is exposed to some strains and strains, so it should be able to withstand some strain. Hard-shell cases are particularly stable and robust. This applies all the more to hard-shell cases from Samsonite, because here we attach great importance to hard-wearing workmanship. Hard-shell cases are also usually water-repellent and wipeable, so they are quickly forgiven for the odd bit of soiling that occurs along the way. Very sturdy models can also serve as a seat, if you have to wait longer in the queue at the airport or the train is delayed again.

Samsonite at salewunder.com

Today Samsonite is one of the leading luggage manufacturers worldwide. The products are in great demand and of course everyone who is looking for a branded Samsonite suitcase keeps their eyes open for a special bargain. We at salewunder.com will lead you directly to the best offers from Samsonite. So that you don't have to search for current deals yourself, we have done that for you. Whether mirapodo or pocket department store, you can always find cheap Samsonite offers with changing providers. From the compact travel bag to the XL-trolley, you can save money with the most different offers. We will forward you directly to the respective sale. Several hundred products can be found in our outlet overview for Samsonite. So you can save more than 40 percent. You can also register for our Sale-Alarm to make sure you don't miss any more discounts from Samsonite.