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The outlets of the Schöffel brand

Founded in 1804, Schöffel is one of the European brand leaders in outdoor sports and ski clothing. The products are sold in the company's own stores as well as through third-party retail companies, outdoor and sports shops such as Karstadt Sport, Sportscheck, Intersport, Engelhorn, Breuninger, Bergzeit and Globetrotter, which operate stores throughout Germany. Together with Lowa Sportschuhe, there are also over 30 Schöffel-Lowa stores in Germany, Austria and Italy, which are managed by franchise partners. These can now be found in all regions of Germany, including Bavaria (Schwabmünchen, Ingolstadt, Straubing, Passau, Obertsdorf, Nuremberg, Bayreuth, Coburg and Munich), Baden-Württemberg (Stuttgart, Lörrach, Todtnau and Karlsruhe), Berlin and Hamburg, North Rhine-Westphalia (Düsseldorf, Bürbach, Paderborn and Cologne), Hesse (Frankfurt, Wiesbaden and Kassel), Lower Saxony (Goslar, Oldenburg and Hanover), Saxony-Anhalt (Günthersdorf), Rhineland-Palatinate (Mainz) and Schleswig-Holstein (on the island of Sylt) In many stores there is a seasonal clearance sale or sale. In addition, there are factory outlet centres for outdoor and sports clothing throughout Germany, some of which also have goods from Schöffel in their range.
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Scoops Sale in the Online Shop: The Schöffel Outlet online

Outdoor, ski and sports clothing from Schöffel can also be purchased in many different online shops. These include the online shop from Schöffel itself, as well as numerous shops from third-party retail companies such as the sports and outdoor companies mentioned above and online shops such as Zalando. A Schöffel outlet can also be visited online in this way, as there is also a Schöffel sale or clearance sale on a seasonal basis. The advantage of this is that you can compare the same product in different online shops and thus buy it at the best price. Thus, for the Schöffel Outlet one does not need to drive somewhere first but can comfortably view the Schöffel Sale from home. Completely without the "bargain-basement atmosphere" that is found in some factory outlets and without having to wait at the checkout.

Scoop of Schwabmünchen: The flagship store and production facility

Schöffel Sportbekleidung GmbH was founded in Schwabmünchen in 1804. In 2012, the Schöffel Lowa store was opened in Fuggerstrasse 15 in Schwabmünchen to match, which with a sales area of 250 square metres represents a new dimension and also a flagship store outside a major city. The range includes products for women, men and children. According to the store owners, the outdoor clothing is to be available in all sizes. In addition, the website of the store in Schwabmünchen guarantees expert advice from trained staff. The store at Fuggerstrasse 15 is to be distinguished from the Schöffel production facility. The Schöffel production facility is located at Ludwig-Schöffels-Strasse 15, where a factory outlet is held twice a year. In order to receive information on this, customers must be registered on a special e-mail distribution list. However, the production facility is not an official Schöffel outlet where a Schöffel sale takes place every day. The production facility in Schwabmünchen is not a store, but mainly a factory and therefore has nothing to do with sales. Those who travel to Schwabmünchen for a Schöffel Outlet should do so if the store at Fuggerstraße 15 just has a seasonal Schöffel Sale.
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The Schöffel jacket and what makes it special

Schöffel has various jackets for women, men and children. A Schöffel jacket should offer functionality, protection and freedom of movement and refers to the functional and outdoor area. There are winter jackets, parka, casual jackets, rain jackets, wind stoppers, coats and double jackets. Depending on the model of the jacket, the materials are manufactured using the following materials and technologies: Altai Fleece (Micro, Heavy, Medium, Super warm, Stretch, Tecnopile, Tecno Stretch), classic fleece, GORE-TEX(R) (Laminates, Perfomance Shell, Pro Shell), MTS (Moisture Transport System), Organic Cotton, S.Cafe(R) (polyester fibres from recycled coffee grounds), ICE-CAFE(TM) (extension of the S.Cafe(R) with cooling effect), Soft Shell, Stretch, Supplex(R), UV Protection, VENTLOFT(R) by PrimaLoft(R) (Black eco, Silver, Gold active, Insulation ThermoPlume(R)), Venturi (Soft Shell, Stretch, Ventbreak) and WINDSTOPPER(R) (Soft Shell and Active Shell).

Schöffel Venturi: The in-house technology of Schöffel

Venturi is the name of the in-house Schöffel technology, which is used for various functional garments such as jackets, vests and trousers. Venturi is considered waterproof, windproof and breathable. The Venturi membrane lies between the upper and lower fabric. The water column is up to 20,000 mm. This value indicates how much water pressure the upper material can withstand before the first drops of water can penetrate the fabric. Only Gore-Tex Pro is stronger with a water column of 28,000 mm. Now there are still differences between Venturi Stretch, the Venturi Soft Shell and the Venturi Ventbreak. Venturi Stretch is an elastic and comfortable material with a water column of 10,000 mm and a closed membrane system that does not allow water to pass through from the outside, as well as hydrophilic and hydrophobic fibres that still ensure breathability. The seams are welded and the zippers are sealed. Venturi Soft Shell is a lightweight 2- or 3-layer material that is windproof, waterproof, breathable and, thanks to its fleece layer, also has warming properties at lower temperatures. It is also abrasion resistant. Venturi Ventbreak is a 2- or 3-layer construction, even lighter and more breathable than Soft Shell and designed to be more sporty and technical than fashionable.

Schöffel ski jacket: The ski jacket of the ÖSV stars

Schöffel brand ski jackets also convinced stars of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV). A Schöffel ski jacket is usually equipped with Venturi technology (Venturi Stretch and Venturi Soft Shell Stretch). Some models also feature Dermizax, a climate membrane from the Japanese manufacturer Toray, which is made from recycled polyurethane. GORE-TEX(R) is also used in certain models, as is Pertex(R) Quantum. All the materials chosen are waterproof, windproof and breathable on the one hand, and guarantee the freedom of movement needed when skiing on the other. A Schöffel ski jacket is available for women, men and children.

Ladies' spoons: Outdoor and everyday life

The Schöffel range for women includes accessories (e.g. caps, hats, caps, scarves, wrist warmers and belts), blouses, jackets (outdoor jackets, parka and coats, ski jackets etc.), trousers (long, short and zip-off), skirts, shirts, polo shirts, waistcoats and underwear. The women's clothing is both suitable for everyday use and functional. Depending on the garment, it is suitable for summer, winter, transitional seasons or even for the whole year. The materials vary from typical clothing materials such as T-shirts with 96 % polyester and 4 % elastane, as well as special functional technologies such as S.Café(R) technology for a breathable long sleeve. The underwear is typically functional and suitable for outdoor activities. The women's clothing range includes various models in different colours. All sizes between 36 and 48 are regularly available, for girls from 128 to 176.

Ladles for men: Practical and functional

The Schöffel range for men is similar to that for women, but with a few categories less: it includes accessories, jackets, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, underwear and vests. However, there is an equally wide range of models for men as for women. The men's models are also usually available in different colours. The sizes are regularly available between 48 and 66, for boys from 128 to 176.

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Clothing from Schöffel is particularly popular in the outdoor and sports sector. However, a jacket, for example, can sometimes cost around 300 euros, a ski jacket around 600 euros. The quality of a Schöffel jacket is correspondingly high. In addition, Schöffel manufactures its products locally, has its own in-house tailoring department and develops its own sustainable and functionally practical technologies, as can be seen from the examples of jacket and ski jacket. If you would like to get hold of a jacket for everyday use, a ski jacket or another clothing product from Schöffel at a particularly favourable price, you should use the Schöffel Sale or visit a Schöffel outlet. With salewunder.com you can not only discover quickly and easily in which online shop a Schöffel Sale or Schöffel Outlet is currently available. Salewunder.com also finds the best sales for men and women from 2,000 online shops. Discover now the current collection of Schöffel at salewunder.com