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Rituals is a brand specialized in Körperpflege, Raumdüfte & Duschgels. Currently you can see sales from Rituals at Douglas DE. Save up to 17 percent on more than 28 Rituals brand products on sale with our online shops. Salewunder scans for you all stores that sell Rituals and shows you how to get the best discounts.

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The world of fragrances and the well-being of rituals

If you like beautiful fragrances, then you should immerse yourself in the world of Rituals. The shop focuses on sustainability and your personal well-being. Many body care products are offered here with different aromas. Furthermore there is chic and comfortable homewear. Many of the products are also available in the sale and outlet. Especially if you are still looking for Christmas presents for family and friends, then Rituals is the right place for you.
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Ritual gifts for the ladies

Ladies love fragrances and so the products from Rituals, which are specially designed for women and are also available at the outlet, are also aimed at the general well-being. The incense sticks can be lit in the bathroom while you use the pleasant foam shower gel. After pampering yourself with fragrances in the water, you can treat yourself to one of the skin creams on offer, while the scented candle in the living room also exudes a pleasant fragrance. So you can turn your own apartment into an Ayurveda palace and take in the well-being of the scents alone or with friends. These products are also suitable as a gift for your friends or the ladies of your family, which above all convey attention to your loved one. But not only different fragrances and products for body care are offered in the outlet of Rituals. The right clothing is also important for your well-being and a cosy afternoon in your own home. So the appropriate clothing and nightwear are also offered for this purpose. Sustainability is also important to the manufacturers, the fabrics are therefore all durable and you will enjoy your chosen pieces for a long time. But even if the clothes are especially comfortable, they are still sexy or chic, depending on how you like it. If you are a young mother, you want your baby to feel as comfortable as you do yourself. This is why we have developed the Baby-Mom collection, which contains gentle products for your child. And Rituals also has a gift set for the new mum in your environment.

Rituals gifts and products for men

For a long time now, fragrances and body care products have no longer been reserved for women only, men also like to spoil themselves with pleasant scents. So you can also buy a gift set for the gentleman in the sale in the outlet, but also single products like shower gels or body lotions are available and you can give them away or keep them for yourself. Depending on your mood, the products that you can buy in a gift set at the sale have an invigorating, energizing or calming effect. Also for the men there are clothes for relaxing hours in the own four walls beside the fragrances and body care products. But even if these are mainly house clothes, it is also possible to wear them for shopping or in the garden. Because you don't have to hide in your trousers and shirts. And even underneath there is stylish underwear.
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Find the new fragrance in an outlet store near you

If you would like to try a new fragrance, the Rituals outlet stores or the shops that sell the brand's products are the right places to go. There will certainly be a shop for the sale in your area. So you can visit the following shops in person and find your new fragrance: Desinger Outlet Parndorf/McArhturGlen Ingolstadt Village Wertheim Village in Frankfurt Maasmechelen Village in Belgium Designer Outlets OCI in Wolfsburg Here you can find the fragrances that come from different families directly on site. You can choose between floral, oriental, woody, aromatic (herbs and spices), fruity or fresh scents. In the outlet stores you can test to your heart's content and try out the many different scents on yourself or your companions. If you would like to purchase the products online and also use the sale in the outlet here, you can do so very easily via salewunder.com. Here you can find out where Rituals' products are currently offered at low prices and where you can get them in an outlet sale. Here you can also get linen, clothes, a gift set for men or women and many other body care products around Ayurveda, Yoga and relaxation. Come to salewunder.com and have a look for yourself.

The Rituals brand and its corporate philosophy

Wellness, beauty and well-being are the top priorities for the brand. The customer should feel good, but nature and planet earth are also close to the heart of the manufacturers of the various fragrance series. Thus Rituals focuses above all on testing its products without animals. The ingredients used are also not tested on animals and have been for almost twenty years now. The tests are carried out exclusively by volunteers who know that the products can be trusted. But not only is animal testing voluntarily dispensed with here, the packaging materials are also designed to be environmentally friendly and largely avoided. Thus, they are independently tested using life cycle assessment methods so that the materials that are suitable for the environment can be used and unnecessary waste can be avoided. In addition, you can have your product packaging purchased in the outlet and sale refilled at any time. No fragrance smells the same for every person. So natural scents are like a fingerprint, which is intensified by one or the other perfume. So if you wear a fragrance that is perfectly matched to you, it can become part of you. This usually does not happen overnight, it takes many attempts to find the perfect fragrance combination for you personally. For this reason Rituals has developed many different basic fragrances. These are tart, fruity or even sweet. To make you feel really good in your own personal fragrance, Rituals also offers homewear and underwear in addition to the body care products, which are supposed to enhance the well-being of the fragrances. Rituals relies entirely on the teachings of Ayurveda, Yoga and other Asian teachings.

Gifts for every occasion

In the Sale in the Rituals Outlet you can find many gifts for every occasion and every purse. So you can buy a gift set for the gentleman or the lady. In this set you will find different products, all from the same series. The sets have various innovative names, such as "The Ritual of Samurai", "Amsterdam Collection", "The Ritual of happy Buddha" or "The Ritual of Dao". As you can see, the collection of products is closely related to Hinduism, Japanese warriors or even Amsterdam, which has been closely connected to the Asian region for many centuries. Just as the products are called, which you can also order in the outlet and sale at salewunder.com, they also have a fragrance. Fragrances are all about well-being and the products are based on the teachings of Ayurveda. A gift set is always a good idea to bring joy to a loved one and at the same time bring the collection of rituals closer to them. Especially in today's stressful everyday life it is so important to come down and enjoy the time. This is possible with the Rituals gift set. For all those who are already looking forward to Christmas and can hardly wait to give away the gifts from Rituals from the sale in the outlet or to unpack them themselves, there is the Advent calendar. Behind each of the 24 doors is an original Rituals product. So you can treat yourself and your loved ones to something special for every single day in Advent. In addition to four special Advent candles, each of which is added and lit on an Advent Sunday, the calendar in the format of a Christmas tree contains many other small treasures from the large Rituals collection. -