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Mammut is a brand renominated for Jacken, Outdoor-Schuhe & Hosen. Below outlets sell Mammut with reductions: engelhorn fashion & sports, Amazon.de & mirapodo. Save up to 56 percent on more than 251 Mammut brand products on sale with our online shops. We show for you all shops that sell Mammut and show you how to get the cheapest prices.

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Mammut - The outdoor specialist

When you hear the name mammoth, you immediately think of the huge Stone Age animal, which was characterised by its size, strength and endurance. The impressive animal, which can also be seen on the logo of the company of the same name, also stands for the products of the successful manufacturer this year. The company's new product range includes functional shoes, trousers, jackets and bags, robust climbing ropes and numerous accessories. Anyone who travels in the mountains needs more than shoes and socks. That's why Mammut has numerous carabiners, safety elements, sleeping bags, climbing harnesses, helmets and many other articles for sale. The company makes numerous items of clothing and accessories from raw materials that provide good protection in snow, storms and icy cold. Every year the function of the materials is revised and improved. Numerous tests have proven that the brand's clothing offers high protection and has many functions to ward off cold. In addition, sweat is transported to the outside via numerous channels, so that no moisture can form inside the clothing.
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Special features of the Mammut brand

Women and men choose light shirts or tops for the warm days in the mountains. Warming sweaters offer protection in the cold. For the days in snow and ice there are some high quality softshell jackets and trousers on offer. However, the clothing is not only functional and easy to wear in the mountains, but is also suitable for a casual casual look that can be worn in your own city. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, mountaineers, climbers, hobby hikers and many other outdoor sports enthusiasts will find some useful items among the Mammut products. The company specialises in making outdoor life as pleasant as possible and providing hikers with the technical equipment they need in many situations. In the Online Outlet you can buy the articles on sale for a reasonable price.

Mammut fashion for women and men

Mammut makes a difference with the clothing on offer. Because the products for women are cut differently from those for men. This makes the products equally attractive for women. Because outdoor clothing does not have to be synonymous with unattractive clothing. The garments for women have a feminine cut. Women look sporty in them and look chic dressed. The manufacturer's clothes are also wearable in everyday life and do not necessarily have to be tied in the back corner of the wardrobe after a sporting activity. This way of taking the feminine physique into account is just as noticeable in the accessories as in the backpacks. These offer an ergonomic shape that adapts to the female physique. This makes the backpacks more portable during an outdoor holiday. Women can distribute the load better over the entire back. This is achieved by the cuts, but also by the appropriate use of the straps. Women will find numerous articles from the current collection at a reasonable price in the sale in the Online Outlet. Mammut also offers men the matching cuts that take into account the male physique. The differences run through the entire collection right down to the shoes, which are also produced according to specific criteria. Mammut does justice to the differences between men and women. If you are looking for the label's articles at a reasonable price, it is worth visiting an online outlet. Many of the company's products are on sale at the outlet at a reasonable price. You can save a lot of money that would be much better spent at the holiday cash register.
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The history of the Mammut company

The company's history began about 150 years ago in a small ropemakers' workshop in the tranquil town of Seon in Aargau, Switzerland. From a small handicraft business, a family-run business specialising in the manufacture of climbing ropes, a global corporation has grown. Today the company is one of the most important manufacturers of ropes. In addition, the company has made a name for itself with numerous types of braids, harnesses, equipment articles and fashion, which has functional value in the mountains as well as in numerous outdoor activities and is also wearable. The label is one of the traditional manufacturers, with decades of experience and extensive know-how and is highly rated by experts in the industry. The company currently employs more than 560 people who work in a worldwide distribution network. In the meantime, the brand distributes about 50 percent of its total turnover through the sale of clothing and accessories. Climbing ropes have remained one of the company's most important segments. The Swiss label is committed to maintaining high quality standards. In addition, the company's management is committed to environmental protection and works towards greater sustainability. This also includes the production of all products under humane conditions. Mammut does not allow production in areas where high risks for the workforce are to be expected. The label is based on fair trade, biodegradable cotton used in the production process and down produced in an environmentally friendly and animal-friendly manner. Mammut Sport makes it possible for you to do something for the environment and better working conditions around the world, in addition to purchasing functional and safe products.

Outlets and sales of the Mammut brand

Numerous online portals offer Mammut products for sale in online outlets. You can save up to 40 percent of the conventional purchase price when you buy at the outlet in a sale. At salewunder.com you are in a comfortable online outlet where you can buy some Mammut products on sale. At salewunder.com you will find numerous Mammut products for men and women for the outdoor sector on sale in the outlet. Buy the Mammut articles you need in the online outlet salewunder.com and have your desired articles sent to your home. There you can try on all the clothing items or view the accessories at your leisure. You can save a lot of money when buying sale products in the outlet. At salewunder.com, you can buy Mammut clothing and accessories at prices up to 70 percent below the recommended manufacturer's prices. Simply browse through the Online Outlet at salewunder.com.