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Lands' End is a Designer brand specialized in T-Shirts, Westen & Pullover. At present you can discover sales from Lands' End at Amazon.de. Take advantage from up to 0% discount on over 72 Lands' End brand products. We show for you all outlets that sell Lands' End and show you how to get the best discounts.

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Lands End Outlet Store in Mettlach

At the outlet store in Mettlach in the Saarland, every customer can save up to 65 percent on all Lands' End products. There you will find, for example, articles from last season, but they are by no means outdated and attractive because of this. In addition, the outlet store in Mettlach offers items of clothing that are only available in selected sizes or colours. At the Lands' End Outlet in Mettlach, however, products from the current catalogue can also be requested directly and ordered as in a normal online shop. If you are smart with your online shopping, you can save a lot more money with a voucher or a special discount.
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Fashion from Lands' End on sale: Dresses & shoes

The fashion of Lands' End is unconventional and casual. It is made for modern people of all ages who value style and quality. Comfortable cardigans and shirts are worn with jeans, for example. Feminine dresses and blouses for summer and winter can also be found in the Lands' End collections. Lands' End's fashion scores with clear colours and sophisticated cuts. Patterns like stripes and checks, but also retro patterns are another trademark of Lands' End. At Lands' End Outlet you can get the brand's attractive, comfortable and high-quality fashion at a very reasonable price. Dresses Lands' End dresses for ladies are original, a little extravagant and always of high quality. The assortment ranges from the mini to the knee-covering dress to the maxi length. At Lands' End Sale you will find a nice selection of these dresses for different types. There are dresses with flowers or the brand-typical stripes, but also plain dresses in strong colours. Each of the dresses for ladies has very special details that attract attention. These can be button plackets or a sophisticated wrapping technique. Just browse through the Lands' End Sale and you're sure to find a dress that you'll like straight away. Shoes If you are looking for high quality shoes, boots or sandals, you will also find them at the Lands' End Sale. The brand's shoes not only have a very special design, but they are also very comfortable and of high quality. Most of them are remnants of Lands' End, which are offered to you in the online shop at particularly favourable prices. Maybe you will be lucky and find a pair of shoes in exactly your size. With a little skill you can get an additional discount with a voucher.

Lands' End for women, men & children in sale

ladies In the Lands' End Outlet for ladies you will always find inspiration for your own outfit. With it-Pieces you can spice up your own wardrobe. Of course you can also create a completely new wardrobe at Lands' End Outlet. There are tops, trousers, skirts, jackets and of course dresses in different designs, colours and materials for every season. You will find classic all-rounders like jeans and blazers, but also practical outdoor fashion or the little black one for that special occasion. The Lands' End Sale is simply a treasure trove for fashion-conscious women. Men The men's fashion in the online shop and Lands End' Outlet is simply made for a holiday in Cornwall. Attractive remnants such as weatherproof jackets for men, but also hard-wearing trousers, T-shirts and warm sweaters in clear colours can be perfectly combined. The brand's sporty shoes, which are perfect for outdoor companies, go well with this. Of course, the Lands' End Sale for men also offers the right clothing for the office or for a restaurant visit with friends. But one thing is for sure, Lands' End fashion for men is casual and chic at the same time. Children In the Lands End Outlet for children, mothers' hearts beat faster at first, but little girls and boys will also quickly discover a favourite piece for themselves. Everything that applies to Lands' End's adult fashion also applies to the practical and original children's clothing, which is of course also suitable for children. You'll find funny and colourful t-shirts, jackets and waistcoats, but also chic dresses for girls and practical shoes for boys to wear.
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Lands' End Sale for all those who love high quality and unique fashion in rural style

Lands' End is a high-quality and popular brand for men, women and children. The fashion is inspired by the magical place of Land's End in Cornwall. The name is associated with longing and wanderlust, but also with a love of the coast, sea and mountains. Thus this fashion is also a statement for nature, for sustainability and for a careful use of the resources of our earth. In the store, every lover of Lands' End fashion will find these great clothes and the functional yet beautiful shoes for everyday life and leisure. You will be offered numerous and attractive remnants at a significant discount. Secure your personal voucher in the online shop to get your favorite pieces even cheaper at Lands' End Outlet.

Lands' End: a success story since 1963

The successful Lands' End company was founded in 1963. The origins of today's global brand lie in Chicago. The founder of the company, Gary Campbell Cooper, originally intended to provide sailors and sailing boats with stylish and high-quality equipment. The business was quickly expanded to include even more clothing and furnishings. Not only sailors, but also many other people soon took a liking to the products. The company therefore had to expand and moved its headquarters to Dodgeville, Wisconsin. The spelling of the Lands' End brand is said to be due to a typographical error in one of the first major advertising campaigns. The apostrophe slipped in the wrong place. Actually, the spelling of Lands' End in Cornwall had been intended. For reasons of cost the mistake was not corrected. Today the "wrong" spelling is one of the many unique selling points of the textile company Lands' End. In the 1990s, the company established offices in the UK, Germany and Japan and quickly became successful there as well. The headquarters of Lands' End in Germany is located in Mettlach in the Merzig-Wadern district of Saarland. The company's business philosophy provides, among other things, that the purchase price must be fully refunded in the event of dissatisfaction. The customer does not have to justify this request. Apparently, however, very few of Lands' End's customers feel the need to return their goods. In addition to clothing, accessories and furnishings, the Lands' End brand also includes high-quality shoes for women, men and children as well as luggage. At Lands' End Outlet and Sale you can get additional discounts on clothes and other products as well as remaining stock via a voucher. So shopping at Lands' End Outlet is worthwhile for you in many ways. Take a look around and let Lands' End's wonderful fashions inspire you for your outfit and your next adventure in Cornwall or elsewhere.

Lands' End: Favourite pieces to feel good for everyone

Lands' End has something for everyone. Discover Lands' End's most beautiful fashion highlights on salewunder.com and secure your absolute favourite pieces. With a voucher you can get an additional discount and save money on this great brand clothing in many ways. So the Lands' End Sale is twice the fun!