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The current Hollister collection focuses on muted colours

Originally Hollister's collections were strongly influenced by the Californian surf culture. In recent years, however, they have increasingly moved towards a more conventional style. This is not to say that the current collection is boring - quite the contrary. It just means that the collection is also aimed at customers who prefer a less funky clothing style. And Hollister doesn't forget its roots, because if you're looking for the extravagant surfing style, you'll find the right clothes here too. However, if you are looking for the classic business look, this is the wrong place. When it comes to colouring, the focus is more on muted colours such as blue, beige and brown. But there are also cheerful colours in red and green as well as patterns and colour combinations available. These, however, to a lesser extent than plain models. Many of them are available at least from time to time in the sale or as an outlet.
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Is there an outlet and sale of Hollister

In contrast to other companies in the fashion industry, the brand does not have a special outlet. Instead, older collections are sold as sales in the individual stores. The decision not to have an outlet is not only due to the rather low density of stores. It is probably also part of the brand's philosophy that no outlet is offered, at least in Germany. Although one hears from time to time that there is to be an outlet store in Wolfsburg, this is a confusion. This is probably the outlet of the parent company Abercrombie & Fitch, which is located in Wolfsburg. But as already mentioned, the group operates both brands as independent companies. For this reason, you will probably not find any Hollister collections in the Abercrombie outlet.

Brand Hollister for ladies

Tailored to the brand's youthful target group, female customers are not referred to as women or ladies, but as girls. The collection for girls hardly differs in colour from the boys' collection. Here, too, the garments are largely in muted colours. However, there are rather shirts and hoodies that are decorated with large motifs. A clear difference can be seen in the cuts of the garments. Especially the trousers are usually kept in the Skinny Fit cut and emphasize the figure more. This can also be found in the shirts, sweaters and hoodies, which are also cut very figure-hugging.
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Hollister brand for men

With the boys, as gentlemen are called at Hollister, casual dress prevails. Especially the outer clothing chooses rather a little bit wider and not figure-hugging. Also the pants are more in the style Regular Fit, which allows enough freedom of movement when skating. However, there are also Slim Fit pants in the program, which emphasize the legs. For the jackets, on the other hand, boys and girls can choose from a wide range of comfortable cuts.

The reasons for salewunder.com to find a sale

There are three reasons to buy a sale from Hollister at salewunder.com. The most important reason is certainly the low branch density. If you are not lucky enough to live close to a city where there is a branch, it is not easy to get a sale. But even then it is not said that exactly the part in this branch is in sale. Even the lack of an outlet, which is the second reason, does not make it better. Because you can't just go to a central outlet store and stock up. At salewunder.com you will find all sale offers of Hollister clearly listed

Special features of the Hollister brand

No matter whether you have been to the outlet or the online shop of Hollister after a sale, you will quickly recognize one thing - the brand is primarily aimed at young people. This does not necessarily mean women and men in their 20s, but rather teenagers between the ages of 12 and 16. But this does not mean that older people cannot wear Hollister clothes. Another special feature of the brand is that many of the garments are inspired by surfing styles. Another special feature of Hollister has nothing to do with the fashion offered. It is the external presentation of the shops. So shops of the brand are not necessarily recognizable at first sight. The reason for this lies in a consistent renunciation of outdoor advertising and window dressing of the shops. In addition to its focus on young people or those who are young at heart, Hollister has another special feature and this is often very visible. Unlike other brands, the brand name is not just applied as small embroidery. Hollister is so self-confident that they apply their brand in oversized lettering. This is mainly found on outerwear such as shirts, hoodies or jackets. But also on some trousers the brand name is presented in oversize lettering so that everyone can see at first glance what brand it is.

History of the Hollister brand

Hollister is an independent company but as a brand it belongs to the fashion companies Abercrombie & Fitch. The brand name is derived from a place in California. However, it has nothing to do with fashion, surfing or the company itself. Because the brand is based, like Abercrombie & Fitch, in the city of New Albany in Ohio. The opening of the first boutique in the United States in 2000 can be regarded as the date of foundation. In the following years, the focus was on start-ups, especially in the United States and Canada. Currently, the brand operates slightly more than 23 boutiques in Germany, mainly in large cities. So the chance of finding a sale that you like is rather low. In addition, an online shop is operated, which is also available in German.